Our History

Situated in Butler, Missouri, South Side Lumber Company is a local sawmill operation founded by Ebert and Phebe Westover in 1945. Using a small handset mill powered by a belt off a flywheel on a gasoline tractor, Ebert started by cutting rough cut lumber for the people of Butler while Phebe ran the administrative side of the business. Local farmers began bringing logs to him to be sawn for barn, wagon, and fencing lumber. He also cut up bark slabs to sell for heating and cooking. ¬†Ebert sold most of his lumber for 7 cents a board foot. In 1973, Ebert retired, but Phebe carried on with their sons, Marvin and Ivan, until 1984. In 2007, Ivan sold the company to it’s present owner, Ron Jones.

Today, almost 75 years later, South Side Lumber Company continues to thrive, servicing the people of Bates County and the surrounding area. Operations have grown from Ebert’s small handset mill to operating a circular mill and band saw mill. In 2020, our mill processed over 1.7 million board feet of Missouri hardwood. We continue to produce quality rough cut lumber and offer custom cut services. Our lumber is used in a variety of ways, from artistic bowls and charcuterie boards to veneer for cabinetry. Wood by-products such as sawdust, slabs, and mis-cut bundles are used for 4h and FFA projects, garden beds, stables, and firewood.

Our lumber is locally and responsibly sourced from hardwood stands in Bates and neighboring counties in Kansas and Missouri. Ron Jones works closely with the Missouri Department of Conservation in responsible timber management practices. He is certified by the Missouri Forest Products Association as a Professional Timber Harvester and approved by the Kansas Department of Natural Resources.

Ron Jones is proud to continue the legacy and tradition of South Side Lumber Company and looks forward to serving the community for years to come. Come see us for your Goods from the Woods !